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Jason Staehler Hill is an award-winning film score composer, platinum-selling recording artist, record producer, and mixer. Hill is known for many projects with acclaimed film director David Fincher such as the Emmy-winning series Mindhunter, for which Hill won a 2021 BMI Composer Award along with Voir, Gone Girl, and Fincher's only animated short film Bad Travelling which is a part of 2022's Emmy-winning series Love, Death, and Robots. Hill was also the original music composer of the upcoming film Magazine Dreams, Apple Tv's Extrapolations and City OnFire, Netflix's FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, The Confession Killer, Netflix’s, This Is A Robbery, and Showtime’s Couples Therapy.  


Mr. Hill is a multi-instrumentalist skilled at playing guitar, cello, piano, synthesizers, drums, and bass among many others. He is also known for his unusual approach to composing having invented many unique instruments used often within the tapestry of his films and series. 


He is also the lead singer, guitarist, and producer for the band Louis XIV along with the band Vicky Cryer which contains members of Killers and Muse.  Hill also releases music under his own name. He has produced records, or otherwise worked with, such artists as The Killers, David Bowie, Robbie Williams, Jet, Sky Ferreira, New York Dolls, Brandon Flowers, Ariel Pink, Craig Nicholls (The Vines), The Virgins, Macy Gray, Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun), Idkhtfm (I Don't Know How They Found Me), and Neon Trees, among many others. Hill was also a part of the seminal band CONVOY in his early years.


In 2015, Hill bought the building now called DEPARTMENT OF RECORDING AND POWER and reimagined one of the world’s premier recording facilities. Located right on the edge of Burbank and Glendale, the studios have given rise to some of the most celebrated music of the past fifty years, and have produced Grammy-winning albums, award-winning film scores, and some of the most astonishing music ever created. This iconic complex originally built as a studio in the mid-1970's was home to many massive hits from The Beach Boys, James Brown, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell, Phil Spector, Joe Cocker, and many others. 

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